Fleet agency

  • Representation of interests of Ship-owners, Charterers, Consignors and Consignees (Nominees) before port authorities and other organizations, bodies and commercial enterprises in the Astrakhan port.
  • Settlement of all matters in respect of vessels inward/departure to/from the Astrakhan port.
  • Assistance, coordination and control over execution of cargo, supply for vessels and repair operations.
  • Regular informing of the Nominee of loading/unloading, possibilities of vessel formalization.
  • Assistance in improving conditions of life and work to crew
  • Organization of crew change: purchase of air/railway tickers, hotel accommodation, vessel registration of crew members, assistance in execution of the documents necessary for port or controlling authorities.
  • Organization of automobile transportation services.
  • Rendering of inshore boat services.
  • Prompt solving of the problems arising out during work.